Saturday, October 24, 2009

Counting my many blessings

At the beginning of August, my mother had her annual physical. During her physical she had a chest x-ray where the doctor found a large mass in her lung. After several different tests, her doctor told her she needed surgery and needed to go see the lung specialist. After speaking with the specialist, he told her that he needs to take out the mass and have it tested for cancer. He then proceeded to tell her that he felt certain it was cancer.
Hearing this completely broke my heart and has really affected my last month and a half. Just the thought of losing my mom tore me up. I fought back tears for several days after hearing this until one of my best friends hugged me and assured me everything was going to be alright. At that moment I cried and I did not stop for a few days. I was scared for me and my mom. I could tell that it was really stressing her out which in return stressed me out. I didn't want my mom to be scared!!
Her surgery was Tuesday the 15th. It was a long morning for all of us. I came home from school the night before to surprise her. She kept telling me to stay up at school but I did not listen. I needed to be near her on that day. We arrived at the hospital at 5:30am and she went back for surgery shortly after that. We waited for what seemed like hours until finally the doctor came out. The moment I saw him I just stopped breathing. He and my dad went into the consult room to talk about the results. When my dad came out the first words that came out of his mouth were "It's not cancer!" I felt like I could finally breathe!!! All I wanted to do was see my mom but I couldnt because she was in recovery. Finally around 2pm I was able to see her! She has been in the hospital since Tuesday. Originally she was going to be released Friday or Saturday but then the doctor changed it to Sunday or Monday. I have gone up everyday to see her and each day it looks like she is progressing more and more. Thursday was her worst day there but she survived it. She and her sister are both strong surviving women!!! My aunt has been through more in the past 10 years of her life then anyone should ever have to go through!! I am so proud of my mom for being strong!! Today was family day at Erskine and my parents came to visit me! Mom is doing so much better now and has been back at work for two weeks. Here is a picture I took for her! It is called "I Can Breathe Now"

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  1. I love this! So glad to see more shots of your passion! Great job! Also, love your thoughts and feelings with everything you went through with your mom, know it very hard! To end: Love the Title of your last pic! Perfect!! How many times we all have moments like that! Love you!!