Monday, November 23, 2009

Davey :)

So a few weeks ago I went to Florida to pick up Davey for my boyfriend, Daniel, for his birthday!! I know it is kinda crazy to just randomly go to Florida one day to pick up a dog but I did not go by myself, Sara and Kaitlin went with me! He is a bulldog/lab mix and is the perfect dog for Daniel. They are so much a like it is crazy! One similarity is they are both grumpy when they first wake up and take FOREVER to actually consciously wake up. But I love them both nonetheless :) Below are some pictures of Davey. I will be adding more when I put them on my computer.

The ride home to see Daniel :)

playing with moo-moo

sleeping while Daniel ran in to the USC Volleyball game. He can fall asleep instantly!

This one is definitely my favorite! I love how his tongue is sticking out :)

He really is a great dog!! He is sweet and the BEST nap time puppy!!

Davey came over to play with my dogs one night and he decided to corner Rocky under my dresser, Rocky was not too thrilled. I hate not being able to see Davey and Daniel everyday because I am away at school. BUT, I only have a few weeks until the semester ends and then I will only have one semester left until I GRADUATE!!! I am very excited about graduating but nervous at the same time.

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  1. Too cute! Didn't know you drove to Florida. WOW! Can't wait to meet Davey.