Saturday, January 2, 2010

God's Beauty

I love to take pictures! When I have a camera in my hand I get picture happy and snap tons of pictures. My favorite thing to pictures of is the sky. I am obsessed 100% with the clouds and the shapes they make. Last year I was at the park and took a picture of a cloud that was shaped like a heart. This was by far the coolest thing I had ever seen. Below is the picture:

Yesterday, I went down to Lake Murray to take pictures of the sunset. The sunset last night was breathtaking! I had never seen such a beautiful sky as I did last night. I was mesmorized and captivated by the beauty God was showing me. I love the clouds in this picture! I think the clouds really add to this picture. They are dark but gorgeous.
This one is my favorite picture that I took!!

I did not notice the sailboat at first but I think that it added to the picture!

I wish I was on that sailboat so I could see the sunset closer up!

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