Sunday, August 7, 2011

Alaska = AMAZING!!!

I loved Alaska! The weather was in the 50's most of the time and the scenery was gorgeous! I saw whales, grizzly bears, bald eagles, and a sea lion. Kaitlin (my best friend from college) and I took a ton of pictures. So about the trip...the plane ride there was a bit rocky because there were several screaming kids on it. Also I had the middle seat so I felt trapped and could not stretch out. It was 5 long hours to Seattle. We spent the night in Seattle and then set out for our cruise the next day. Once we left port, we were at sea for one day and then we hit Tracy Arms Fjord to see some glaciers. We did not actually dock anywhere so we basically were at sea for two days. On Friday we arrived in our first port, Skagway. Here Kaitlin and I did some rock climbing. It was so much fun. Since we were at port from 7am until 9pm, Kaitlin and I decided to ride in a floater plane over to Haines where we rented a car and toured the town for a few hours. This is where we saw grizzly bears and a bald eagle. We were within 100 feet of the bears and it was truly something else! I did at one point, while I was running across the field to get closer to the bears, feel like I was on the discovery channel creeping through the fields filming bears. After our bear adventure, we stopped and had dinner at Fireweed. It was one of the best pizzas I had in along time. We flew back to Skagway in time to get back on the boat and sail on to your next port. Here are some pictures from the first few days of the trip. I will post more pictures later but here a few for now.

Sunset from the plane to Seattle.

Seattle, WA

A tiny iceberg in Tracy Arm Fjord.

The breathtaking glacier!

Glacier up close

One of many waterfalls!!

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