Wednesday, September 5, 2012

312 Days 19 Hours

At this current moment, there are very few words to describe how absolutely excited I am!!! I love to travel and I love to dream about traveling. 313 days I will be flying to South Africa with my best friend. I booked my plane ticket tonight so now everything is official. I have giggled and cheered for the past 10 minutes because I am BEYOND excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of our adventures will include but are not limited to: Touring Cape Town, South Africa
Cage diving with Great White Sharks :)
Going on a 2-day Safari
Visit Boulder Beach aka Penguin Beach
These of course are not all of our adventures but these are some of the high points of the trip!! I will certainly be taking TONS of pictures and documenting all of my adventures. Pretty sure I will not be sleeping much tonight!! :)

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