Sunday, June 16, 2013

Life update

I really am terrible at updating my blog. I cannot think of all the times I thought about updating but was just too tired. I decided it was probably best to do an update on my life in this post. Hopefully, I will get better at this...we shall see. 1. In my last post, I announced that I was going to South Africa this summer. Well withing the last couple of weeks, Kaitlin and I did more research to scope out our trip. We discovered that it was becoming more and more unsafe for 2 single females to go to South Africa alone instead of with a larger group. Too many mishaps were happening during the day time and quite frankly it wasn't worth the risk just to go to South Africa. We decided to change our destination to Europe. Our original trip had us stopping in Amsterdam for a 25 hour layover. We kept that part of our trip since it was already booked. We will go to Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Scotland, and end in Paris. We both feel much more at ease about this trip but both promised that we would go to South Africa one day! Prince Harry here I come! :) 2. Back in January, I resigned from my cheer coaching position at Irmo and accepted a cheer coaching position at Chapin High School. I coached for three years at Irmo and enjoyed my time there. It was a great start to my coaching career. I ended up transferring to Chapin for many reasons. One was that it was only a five minute commute from work since I taught at the middle school. For me this move was a GIANT leap out of my comfort zone. I went to Irmo Middle and Irmo High School where I cheered for five years in the program. I knew Irmo like the back of my hand. I was comfortable there, I knew a lot of the coaches and the area. When I decided to transfer, I was very nervous. I had talked to my parents about the decision. They helped me weigh the pros and cons. I have to say that so far everything is going well. I still have my moments where I am uncomfortable, mainly because I am still getting used to my surroundings and meeting other coaches. But I must say this was the best move for me. 3. I recently turned 25. Building up to turning 25, I did not want to do it. I was having a quarter-life crisis. I felt like there was so much I had yet to complete before I turned the big 2-5. I felt like every time I turned around, people I knew were getting married and/or having kids. Not that I am necessarily ready to get married or have children at this moment but I don't know I just had this feeling like something was missing. So I turned my frustration to God. I feel like recently my relationship with him has grown so much more. He is teaching me to have more patience and to enjoy life. I am learning more and more that if it is meant to be, it will happen. HE does not need my help in making things happen, HE has it ALL under control! :) Since I turned 25 at the end of March, I will say that so far things are going good. Nothing is perfect, I still have my moments but overall life is great! 4. I finished my third year of teaching. Some days I feel like I have been teaching all my life while other I feel like I just started. This past year I had amazing students. They made me cry from laughing so hard, smile, and feel loved. This year reminded me of my first year of teaching. That year is still my favorite year! I am reminded daily that teaching is my calling. I am meant to be in the classroom. 5. I am moving back to math!! I taught math my first year but when we went off block scheduling, we needed more science and social studies teachers. Being elementary certified, I can teach anything 2nd-6th. They were able to keep me at CMS but I just had to move content areas. Being a first year teacher at the time, I was happy to move content instead of not being able to come back. Just recently a 6th math position came available at my school and I was able to switch to it for the following school year. I am so excited. Math is hands down my favorite! I could do math all day long. Well maybe not but I do love it a lot! :) That is my life recently in a nutshell...I think ha ha

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