Sunday, August 29, 2010

"I can honestly say you've been on mind since I woke up today. I look at your photograph all the time. These memories come back to life."

For the past two days I have been thinking a lot about everything. Today all of the upperclassman moved back to Erskine. It is so weird to not be moving back to college. I still cannot believe that 4 years flew by. College was such a wonderful learning experience. I learned so much about Education (since that was my field of study :) ), life, myself, and so much more. I made some of the greatest friends ever! Also throughout the 4 years I lost some people. Given the chance to repeat the last 4 years, I would change a few things but then again I do not think I would be where I am at today. I had not been to the lake in a long time to take pictures of the sunset so I decided to go yesterday. Taking pictures really helps me escape the worries of life. Below are some of my favorite pictures I took:

There is nothing like a gorgeous sunset to help you heal!!

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